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Why Are People Talking About "Good OO"

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There has been discussion about best practices in ABL programming as long as the language has existed. But, the advent of Object-Oriented features in the language has resulted in a sharper sense of best practice, specifically pointing to “good OO” in defining these practices. This presentation will review the history and character of best practice recommendations in ABL with the aim of clarifying why “good OO” is a stronger best practice recommendation than has been historically true in ABL. We will then review some core design principles of “good OO” as well as exploring their relevance to traditional ABL programming. This review will include familiar principles such as Encapsulation and Separation of Concerns as well as less familiar principles such as Separation of Message and Method and Flexible Logical Indivisibility.

Versions Presented to:
NorCal PUG on 9 December 2010
WaPUG on 15 December 2010
Current version is as of 28 December 2010