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Object to Object Relations

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This presentation was originally made at the 2011 PUG Challenge Americas on 7 June 2011. A revised version was given at the EMEA PUG Challenge on 3 November 2011.

A fundamental difference between OO thinking and traditional ABL is that in OO one object is connected to another object directly by what is called a “relation”, but data in traditional ABL is accessed via keys in local or database tables. A relation is directly navigated as opposed to the lookup that key access requires. This presentation will explore the significance of this difference and how it is implemented in ABL code. The discussion will cover both single and multiple targets of the relation, core concepts in collections, and implementing collections in ABL with sample code and preliminary benchmarks.

  • The AETF attachment is the AutoEdge|The Factory collection code.
  • The LLIC attachment is the current working test version of the collection code discussed in the presentation.
  • The LLIC_Test attachment is the code for doing the tests.